$5000.00 FIRST PRIZE


 1. All Handlers for the 2017 Gold Band Race must be Twin City Concourse members. 

 2. Handlers must buy 4 bands to handle other Breeders birds and must have a Unikon or Benzing Clock. Breeders may give birds directly to the handler.

 3. All bands are $25.00 each, no refunds. Make checks payable to: TWIN CITY CONCOURSE.

 4. To order Gold Bands contact Daniel Feltenstein 763-957-9251 or D.Feltenstein@yahoo.com

 5. The 1st 10 birds on the race sheet become the property of the Twin City Concourse and will be auctioned off at the Annual TCC Auction.  Handler is to donate bird prior to prize money being distributed. Pedigrees must be furnished. Money earned from auction will be split 50% Concourse, 25% Handler, 25% Breeder.  All other race birds become the property of the handler.

 6. Handlers MUST turn in list of Breeders and band numbers in their loft by June 15th.  

 7. All Twin City Concourse clubs must pay for Gold Bands and provide a list of Gold Bands sold to the Chairman by June 15th. All bands that are unpaid after June 15th 2017, will result in breeder’s entire band list being disqualified.

 8. $12000.00 prize fund based on 500 bands sold and will be paid out 25 places. If less than 500 bands are sold then the concourse will resort to retaining 15% of sales. 1st prize will remain $5000.00 while 2nd through 25th will change to percentages that reflect the structure below. Prizes are paid out 50% Handler and 50% Breeder.

 1st $5,000.00  2nd $2000.00  3rd 1000.00  4th $700.00  5th $500.00  6th $400.00  7th $300.00  

 8th $225.00  9th 225.00  10th $200.00  11th $175.00  12th $150.00  13th-15th $125.00  16th-25th $75.00

 9. Participate in 2 additional race classes within the Gold band race. Only Gold band birds are eligible for either or all classes.  Silver Band: 10$ entry per bird, due at shipping. Prize structure will be an aggressive payout.  Bronze Band: 5$ entry per bird, due at shipping. Prize structure will be an aggressive payout. TCC to retain 15% of entry’s.

 10. Handlers may handle no more than 50 pigeons.

 11. Shipping is on Friday, 9-22-2017 at the Minneapolis Clubhouse located at the Anoka County Airport.   Access is only through a controlled entry point.  Instructions given out on a one on one basis prior to shipping.  Shipping is from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Shipping is $2.00 per bird.  Figuring of the race will be at the Minneapolis Clubhouse and the time announced at shipping.

 12. Trophy or plaque to the winning handler and plaque for 1st non-Concourse member breeder.

 13. Current Twin City Concourse Race rules prevail and failure to comply may result in disqualification.



For results and handlers list please check 
www.TwinCityConcourse.us or www.twincityconcourse.com 
Thanks for your continued support,
Twin City Concourse.