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Loft Registration  must read

Please read the Guidelines Info. Note: 25 Bird limit per member to ship!

Name:  Minnesota Invitational Series Concourse.

Description:  An invitational series of races sponsored by the Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc.  Under the provision provided by A.U. race rules under 7.00.

Objective:  Provide an opportunity to the clubs that have their birds conveyed on the Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. trailer to compete against a larger level of competition locally and nationally.

Fees:  2017 None.

Competitors:  The Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. member clubs and the following clubs are invited to compete.  GSR, MID MIN, North Star, Rochester, Red River Valley Flyers, Crow River and Minn. River Bend. Lake City Racing, Great Plains Flyers,  Competitors that live with in 35 GPS miles of the State Capitol must be a member of a Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. club to compete.

Liberators:  The Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. will liberate the races.  The Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. reserves the right to hold the liberation at the Midwest National Topeka race if weather conditions are poor.

Race Committee:  The race committee will consist of the race secretaries of the Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. member clubs. Their rulings are final.

Shipping Cost:  For 2017, the cost per bird on DesMoines & LAMONI,  races will be $1.00  per bird.  All others race will remain at $1.50 per bird.  All birds must be shipped on the Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. trailer.

Race Rules:  AU race rules will prevail.

2017 DesMoines & LAMONI , are specials.  These specials will stand alone and will not be part of any average speed. 

Sections:  No change: Sections will be determined by the new Salina GPS.  South section will be 474.999 miles and under North Section will be 475.000 miles and up.  Lofts will remain in the same section for all five races.

Schedule: 05/20/17 LAMONI, 05/27/17-OGALLALA 06/02/17-DesMoines & 06/03/17-Topeka, 06/09/17-DesMoines  & 06/10/17-IOLA KS.,

06/17/17-LAMONI, 06/24/16-Topeka, 06/30/17-Braman will be shipped on Wednesday, Released FRIDAY 30th.

Awards:  Overall and Sectional race reports will be compiled by the Minnesota Invitational Series Race Secretary and submitted to Twin City Concourse Race Secretary for approval. Upon approval they will be posted on the Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. web page.  (http//www.twincityconcourse.us )  Overall and Sectional diplomas will be awarded at seasons end.  Overall diplomas will be given on the DesMoines & LAMONI  races. (No sectional diplomas will be awarded).  The DesMoines & LAMONI  races will not be part of any average speed. Overall and Sectional average speed diplomas will be given at seasons end. (5 races, 1 X Ogallala, 2 X Topeka, 1 X Salina,1 X Braman)  Clubs and/or Lofts that don’t ship all five races are out of average speed. Overall and Sectional results upon approval will be submitted to the AU National Data base.

Club responsibilities:

1.      Winspeed software with the correct version must be used. version ? now on the AU web page ( www.pigeon.org )

2.      “No reports” must be entered into Winspeed.  This is the only way a correct bird and loft count will be on race reports.

3.      All competitors must be A. U. members and correct ID numbers entered in Winspeed.  The National data base will not accept results with an incorrect ID number.

4.      A back up copy of your clubs data base must be e-mailed to leadpigeon@aol.com  by noon Saturday following the race.  Any club showing a pattern of delays will be omitted from results.  Twin City Concourse Assn. Inc. results will be forwarded by the Concourse race secretary.

5.      It is very important that club race secretaries don’t change the spelling of loft names etc. with out first contacting the series secretary once the series has started.  Any changes must also be changed in the series data base prior to a merge being attempted.  Failing to make identical changes in the series data base prior to a merge attempt will freeze up the series data base.  (Please work with me on this).

6.      Do not send me bird shipping fees.  You will be billed by the Twin City Concourse, Secretary treasurer.

7.      Remove flyers from your data base that have joined another club.  If the same flyer ID number is in more than one clubs data base trying to be merged it will freeze the merge.

      Minnesota Invitational Series Concourse/ Twin City Concourse race Secretary,

       Race Secretary Paul Rudolph,