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Adopted December 1984

Revised January 1992

Revised March 1995

Revised March 1998

Revised December 2003

Revised February 2010

Revised December 2011

Revised December 2012

Revised October 2013

Revised October 2014





The name of this organization shall be the TWIN CITY CONCOURSE ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereafter known as the Concourse), affiliated with the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.




The objective of this organization is to promote and foster the science of breeding, training, and racing the RACING HOMING PIGEON, to safeguard the sport against malign and dishonest practices so as to maintain this sport as an individual pastime and to promote true sportsmanship above reproach, and to conduct Concourse races between various members affiliated with the member clubs.





Section 1:  Board of Directors shall have sole discretion of club membership in the concourse.  A club wishing to join the concourse shall apply to the Board of Directors.  By a two-thirds majority vote of the Board, a club may be accepted or removed for cause from the concourse.


Section 2:  The Board of Directors shall have original jurisdiction involving any and all controversies arising between the concourse and a club.  In the event of such controversy, ample time shall be given to have a hearing to settle all grievances.  The Board shall make a decision on the matter and notify the parties in a reasonable amount of time.




Section 1:  Any reputable breeder of RACING HOMING PIGEONS, who is a member in good standing of a flying club, is eligible to a membership in the Concourse, provided that said fancier has severed connections with his or her former flying club in a satisfactory manner, and lives closer to a Twin City Concourse Club than any other racing pigeon club, may join a Concourse club and as a full competing member.  7/97 12/05


Section 2:  Any person refusing to pay any just debts owed to his or her former club shall not be admitted to membership in the concourse until such obligations have been settled satisfactorily.


Section 3:  Membership under a loft name only shall be permitted.  In all cases, club secretaries shall obtain correct names and addresses of the owners, as well as the loft names, and furnish them to the concourse secretary/treasurer.


Section 4:  All Concourse members must have AU loft Certification.  12/08


Section 5:  Partnership rules will be set at a club level.  12/12


Section 6:  An active racing member is a concourse member who has shipped, clocked, and reported on two weekends of a regular series per year the previous year.  (Two weekends in old birds to vote on old bird race issues and two weekends in young birds to vote on young bird issues.)    12/12


Section 7:  The Board, by a two-thirds majority vote, may remove an individual from membership in the Concourse for cause.  10/14





The affairs of the concourse shall be conducted by a Board of Directors (hereafter known as the Board), a concourse Secretary Treasurer, and a concourse Race Secretary.




Section 1:  The affairs of the Concourse shall be administered by a Board of Directors and their decisions in all matters, including the interpretation of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Race Rules shall be final.


Section 2:  The Board shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws.


Section 3:  It shall be the Board’s duty to publish and make known all information and news of the concourse.  A copy of all minutes and information pertaining to the concourse shall be sent to all club secretaries.  The copy is to include the voting records of the members of Board.


Section 4:  A quorum for a Board meeting shall consist of 51% or more of the directors.


Section 5:  The Board shall submit a slate of candidates at the annual meeting.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor of the annual meeting.  12/02


Section 6:  The Board will propose race schedules to be voted on at the annual meeting.  12/02


Section 7:  The Board shall be made up of nine (9) members elected from the membership.  No more than two (2) members from each club may be elected to the Board.  Each club shall have at least one (1) board member.  In the event that two members do not come forward from a given club, their openings will be filled by the membership at large.  12/10  12/11


Section 8:  The Board shall choose a Chairperson from among its ranks.  The Chairperson shall serve for a one-year term.


Section 9:  A Board member can not belong to more than one Concourse, Combine, or Federation.  12/08


Section 10:  Board members missing 3 meetings in a year will be replaced.  12/03


Section 11:  Alternate Board members assumes full voting power for absent member.  12/03





Section 1:  It shall be the duty of the Chairperson to preside at all meetings and conduct the same in accordance with customary ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER.


Section 2:  The Chairperson shall sign a diploma, under the seal of the Concourse, showing the position won in the race, the number of lofts, and number of birds competing.


Financial Secretary/Treasurer 12/02


Section 1:  The Financial Secretary/Treasurer is an elected position.


Section 2:  If this position is not filled by a majority vote at the annual meeting of the concourse, the board shall appoint a Financial Secretary/Treasurer at its discretion.


Section 3:  The appointee referred to in Section 2 need not be a concourse member.


Section 4:  It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary/Treasurer to keep an accurate and permanent record of all Twin City Concourse financial matters.


Section 5:  The Financial Secretary/Treasurer shall keep a record of the names and addresses of all concourse members.


Section 6:  He or she shall accept all concourse bills and disburse monies accordingly.


Section 7:  He or she shall receive and bank all monies from Twin City Concourse functions.


Section 8:  He or she shall supply a current financial report for all Board of Director meetings, special meetings, annual meetings, and other functions upon the directive of the board chairman.


Section 9:  Within two weeks prior to the annual meetings, he or she shall submit their books and a statement of the financial condition of the concourse to an auditing committee appointed by the Board for the purpose of certifying as to the accuracy of the same and shall make his or her report at the annual meeting.


Recording Secretary  12/02


Section 1:  It shall be the duty of the recording secretary to keep an accurate, permanent record of all board meetings, annual meetings, and special meetings.


Section 2:  He or she shall send copies of minutes to member club secretaries within 21 days of meetings.


Section 3:  He or she shall issue to each member or the concourse a notice of special meetings and shall issue a notice of the annual meeting two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.


Section 4:  The recording secretary shall be a position appointed by the board and does not have to be a member of the board.


Race Secretary


Section 1:  He or she will receive race reports from the various clubs that form the concourse.  These reports are to be condensed into one report, which shall be known as the Concourse Race Report.  He or she shall produce one report of each week’s race for each competing club.  (UPR SHORT REPORT)  12/02


Section 2:  He or she shall also make up all diplomas pertaining to Concourse average speed races.  These diplomas are to be ready for distribution by the first of the following year.  1 diploma per 20 birds, 50 max.  12/00


Section 3:  He or she shall figure average speeds for all Young Bird races, short, long, and overall Old Bird races and a combined Young Bird/Old Bird average speed.  For both classic and open race series.  Also all 13 season ending UPR awards.  12/02


Section 4:  He or she shall assist flyers in filing for AU awards.  12/97






Section 1:  The Race Committee shall consist of the race secretaries of all clubs affiliated with the concourse and the concourse Race Secretary, who shall be the chairperson of the committee.


Section 2:  A quorum of this committee shall consist of 50% of all members not including the chairperson.


Section 3:  The Race Committee shall decide and award contested prizes by majority vote and settles all arguments and disputes in reference to race entries and returns.


Section 4:  All protests must be made in writing and signed by the complainant and must be filed with the concourse Race Secretary before the award had been given to the winners.


Section 5:  There shall be a right of appeal to the Board.  Their decision will be final.





The Board may recommend any special assessment necessary on a pro-rata basis, according to the number of senior members on its individual club rosters.  This assessment is to be approved by a vote of the membership indicating a simple majority.


Dues and Shipping Charges will be set by the board of directors each year.  10/13





Section 1:  The Annual Meeting shall be held the last Saturday of October each year.  This meeting shall be for the election of officers.  The Board shall be elected for a period of three (3) years.  Three (3) Board members will be voted upon each year to maintain continuity on the board.  12/12


Section 2:  At the request of five (5) members, the Board, at its discretion, shall instruct the Secretary to notify concourse members of a special meeting.  A written notice of said meeting shall set forth the purpose for which the meeting is called.  Such notice must be given in writing at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting.  If 51% of the total concourse membership asks for a special meeting the Board will call for a special meeting.


Section 3:  For the Annual Meeting a quorum shall consist of 25% of the Concourse membership.





Section 1:         Reading of minutes from previous meeting.

                        Financial Report.

                        Reading of Communications.

                        Reports of Committees.

                        Unfinished Business.

                        Election of Officers.

                        New Business.

                        Good of the Order.






Section 1:  An officer or member of the Concourse accused by a committee and found guilty of conduct unbecoming an individual or for committing an act detrimental to the sport, shall by majority vote, be reprimanded in such a manner as may be decided by the Board.


Section 2:  Fraud, or attempted fraud in connection with a race, or unlawfully detaining a bird or birds belonging to a fellow member by clipping, poisoning, or maiming a racing bird, to which said member is unable to establish clear title or ownership, shall, by a majority vote of the Board, be reprimanded in such a manner as may be decided upon by the Board.





Section 1:  Any provision of the Constitution of Bylaws may be altered or amended at the Annual Meeting of the Concourse (or any special meeting) provided that every member has been notified in writing of the proposed alteration or amendment at least five (5) days previous to such meeting.  Said written notice shall set forth in full the proposed alteration or amendment.  A two-thirds majority vote will be necessary to alter or amend the Constitution or Bylaws at such meetings.


Section 2:  All items to be addressed under these stipulations must be sent to the Recording Secretary of the Twin City Concourse Board of Directors stating the proposed changes in writing and must be postmarked by the last Saturday in September of the current year.  12/02 12/12







Revised December 2002

Revised December 2007

Revised December 2010

Revised December 2011

Revised December 2012

Revised October 2013

Revised October 2014


As of January 1, 1987, the Twin City Concourse Association has adopted the Official Race Rules as published by the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.  The concourse may establish additional race rules but may not have a rule which conflicts with an official AU Club Race Rule.


Section 1:  Twin City Concourse Race Rules can be changed by a two-thirds majority vote at the next annual meeting of the Concourse.


Section 2:  Pre-planned and accepted “Race Courses” and/or “Stations” can be changed by a two-thirds majority vote at the next annual meeting of the concourse.

a.                   Old Birds:  Fly Old Birds south and southwest.  12/93

b.                  Young Birds:  Fly Young Birds south, southwest, and northwest on a clockwise basis.    12/93  12/12  10/13


Section 3:  No entry or report will be accepted except those submitted on standard or electronic entry or report sheets.  Entry sheet shall be filled out in the prescribed manner, placing all letters, numbers, and colors in the columns provided for it.  The name of the flyer and loft must appear on the race entry form.


Section 4:  Master Time is Standard Coordinated Universal Time.  Each club will designate on Race Committee Official to handle master time, Kick-off, and Knock-off times.


Section 5:  All race crates must be numbered and the race entry form must show the number of the crate the bird is placed in.  Old bird crates must contain a minimum of 14 birds per crate.  Young bird crates shall hold a minimum of 18 birds per crate.  Each club is allowed on crate with less than the prescribed minimums for young birds and one cock crate and one hen crate in old birds that are under the minimum.  The trailer must have an empty rack between classic race crates and open race crates, unless crate quantity requires the use of the rack.  12/09 12/12


Section 6:  Release doors on all crates are to be sealed with 2 seals, one on each side of the door.  The small loading doors must also be sealed and the water pan door properly closed.


Section 7:  The Liberation Committee for the Concourse shall consist of three members.  They shall investigate all weather throughout the course.  After conferring with the driver, they shall make a majority decision regarding the liberation.


Section 8:  Classic races shall be the first liberation on race day.


Section 9:  Time of liberation shall not be earlier than one half hour after local sunrise at the release point on races 300 miles and under.  Races greater than 300 miles may be released at local sunrise at release point.


Section 10:  Liberators have the authority to hold the birds locally, postpone shipping from Friday thru Sunday, or cancel the race for weather related issues (100-300 mile races only, excluding Des Moines).  When circumstances warrant, the liberation committee has the option to have the trucker move the race birds to a different location on scheduled race day.  If birds are brought back from a long station to a short race station, the race shall be omitted from average speed.  If birds are brought back to central pick up, for clubs to pick up, the race will be cancelled and the race may be rescheduled.  Delayed releases and holdovers are not to be ignored as a solution to inclement weather.    12/00  12/07  12/10  12/11


Section 11:  Closing of races:  the following time will be used to officially close Concourse races:  100 to 300 miles 48 hours after release, 400 to 600 miles 72 hours after release.


Section 12:  Each club shall submit their race results to the Concourse race Secretary no later than Thursday after the race via e-mail or CD.  In addition, each club will retain all paper copies of their entry and arrival reports along with counter marks for non-electronic clocks until the end of the racing season.  Winspeed is the official race program used by the Twin City Concourse.  12/07


Section 13:  If a flying loft(s) is moved 50 feet from its original survey spot it must be resurveyed.  Multiple flying lofts must be within 50 feet of each other or each loft must be surveyed separately.


Section 14:  To help foster participation, junior members will not be required to pay pre-shipping.  No Concourse Dues will be required to first year adult members.  Shipping prepayment will be considered as dues for the first year.


Section 15:  Old Bird races shall not begin earlier than the first Saturday in May.  Young Bird races shall not begin earlier that the first Saturday in August.


Section 16:  Twin City Concourse bans the use of LaSota Vaccine.  12/03


Section 17:  Any dispute not covered by these rules will be decided by the Race Committee as defined under Article VI of the Constitution and Bylaws.  The Concourse will then enact a rule to cover it in anticipation of future disputes.  Any rule enacted must not conflict with the Official Club Race Rules of the American Racing Pigeon Union Inc.


Section 18:  The use of Benzing clock BR chips is prohibited.  Currently, only Benzing “Pro Chips” may be used on race birds of some future design produced by Benzing that maintains security.  10/14


Section 19:  All individual Benzing clocks must be upgraded with the most secure program available for use, starting in 2015.  This upgrade must prevent the use of the BR chip, or any other unsecure chip from use.  The club Benzing unit must also be upgraded with the most secure version of program available to prevent the use of all unsecure chips.  10/14


Section 20:  All competitor’s race entry forms must clearly display the race bird’s countermark number or the chip ring or chip code number, in the case of an electronic band scanning system.  10/14


Section 21:  Two individual club members from two different lofts must stay within eyesight of the bird crates while the crates are transported from the club to the shipping trailer.  10/14