All clubs transporting pigeons on the Twin City Concourse trailer will be subject to all Twin City Concourse Race Rules or practices currently established.”  Current Race Rules and practices currently are:

1.     AU Loft Certification

a.)  390.04 Certification Duration. A loft is certified from the date of acceptance of the application by the Certifying Committee and is permanent although it is recommended that the committee visually inspect the loft every year or as determined necessary by the committee.

b.)  A copy of the loft certification for each loft is to be kept on file at the club.  A copy of the certification is to be given to the trucker to be kept on file with the trucker.

2.)  A copy of the loft entry sheet is to accompany the birds and given to the trucker at pickup.  Club race secretary is to supply trucker with form showing # of crates shipped and # of birds shipped.

3.)  Follow minimal standards of Bio-Security at the Club level.

a.     Foot bath for everyone at entry and exit of the club.

b.     Hand sanitizer used between crating of different lofts.

c.      Disinfect and clean crates at least every 2 weeks.

d.     Disinfect waters weekly.

e.      Birds from one club shall be considered as a unit so that they may be mixed in race crates.  Birds from different clubs or shipping locations may not be mixed together.

4.)  Shipping limit of 25 bird entry to Open races and 5 birds to Classic races in old birds, 35 bird entry in Open races and 5 bird entry in Classic  races for young birds.

 Loft Registration was adopted in 2009 to help keep us flying in face of a disease outbreak with poultry.  The Board of Animal Health allowed us to fly young birds last fall after noting we were loft certified and willing to follow some common sense Bio-Security rules.  We are currently allowed to self-regulate with no oversite from any government agency.  Should we ever be asked to have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for interstate transport of pigeons I will have all the necessary paperwork at the truck to issue a certificate.  Entry sheets will be kept for 2 weeks, all other paperwork will be a permanent record kept on the truck at all times.  Clubs entering from Wisconsin to release in Minnesota are welcome if they comply with the same rules except for the shipping limit.