Gary Lunzer long time Concourse member and member of the Viking Pigeon Club died June 21st.  Funeral to be held July 3rd at The Church of Saint John the Evangelist

380 E. Little Canada Rd. The Concourse has sent flowers.

 1.)   All Gold Bands that you have had in your loft whether they are currently there or have been lost must be reported to the Gold Band Chairman by June 15th in order to be able to trace birds.  Anyone handling any other breeders birds bust have purchased 4 bands that have been placed on birds they personally bred or they cannot handle someone else’s birds.  They will be disqualified!!  The rules will be enforced!

2.)    The Concourse e-mail is for sending the Chairman the band lists.  It is not for communicating anything else to Dr. Phil Nelson.  If you e-mail anything else it will not be responded to.  Call Dr. Phil Nelson cell phone 612-968-3492.

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